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Meaty Chicken Backs

Meaty Chicken Backs

3-4 backs/pkg

After parting up a whole bird, you're left with the chicken carcass covered in incredible meat and skin. Each bag has 3 to 4 chicken backs in it and easily fits in an 8 quart Crock-pot. Chicken backs make incredible, gelatinous broth, and after simmering for a few hours, you can easily pick the flavorful bits of chicken meat off the backs and add to chicken soup, or shred and include in numerous dishes!

Meaty chicken backs from White Cornish Cross chickens. Rotationally moved over our fresh pastures. Fed 100% GMO-FREE feed, freshly milled and mixed on the farm. Antibiotic and hormone-free.

NOTE ABOUT CHICKEN BACKs: Some of the chicken backs may be not fully vacuum sealed or packaged in stapled bags.