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Chicken & Turkey Processing Services

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Picture taken by 'The Livestock Place'

Botany Bay Farm offers small-scale chicken and turkey processing and packaging in our WSDA licensed processing facility for anyone who is need of the service. We do not process chickens for resale. (Also at this time we do not process ducks or geese.)


All birds are humanely killed, plucked clean, gutted and chilled. Broilers, turkeys and laying hens can be bagged whole if requested at no additional cost.

Broilers: $5.00/bird
Laying Hens: $8.00/bird
Turkey: $15/bird

Clean and bagged: $0.10/bird (heart, liver, heads)
Clean & bag feet: $0.75/bird (peeled and cleaned feet)

15 minutes late: $25 after first 15 minutes.
More than 15 minutes late: $60 per each 15 minutes.

    Day & Time:

    Tuesday mornings, from May 19th, 2020 to October 13th, 2020.

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    Picture taken by 'The Livestock Place'

    Processing Requirements:

    (Please read before your appointment!)

    1.Please arrive a little early or on time. There will be a $25 charge for the first 15 minutes late, each 15 minutes after will be a $60 per 15 minutes. Your appointment will be automatically cancelled if we do not hear from you 15 minutes after your scheduled appointment. If you have to cancel your appointment even just minutes before your reservation - no worries! There's no fee or anything, all we ask is that you let us know as soon as possible.

    2. Please bring your animals in cages or crates with lids. They have to be contained in something that we can easily and quickly open and grab the birds out of and close during processing.

    3. Bring plenty of coolers for us to store your birds in. If you request to have your birds not bagged then this is required, otherwise we will have to bag them. (We will supply ice to chill the birds directly after processing, but after bagging we do not supply ice for your coolers or transportation home.)

    4. Our team can process 150 birds in less than an hour - so don't expect to have to wait too long depending on how many birds you have. We can hold your birds for up to 3 hours after the beginning of your appointment if you can't stick around the whole time.

    5. Remove feed and DO NOT give any food to birds 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. (Full crops during evisceration makes it much harder for us to clean the birds properly and it can lead to the your chicken's recent feed sticking to the meat.)

    6. Payment will be due directly following your appointment. Sales tax is required. We accept payment of all credit cards, cash or checks.