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About Our Poultry

White Cornish Cross chickens, reared on fresh pasture using our unique rotational grazing system. 100% SOY-FREE and GMO-FREE feed, freshly milled and mixed on the farm. Antibiotic and hormone-free.


As soon as our chicks are strong enough to live outdoors they spend their lives exclusively on grass, enjoying the sunshine and scratching for bugs within the protection of their mobile outdoor pens. We move our birds to fresh pasture daily. This mirrors the chicken's natural desire to roam, and also provides them with a natural and plentiful diet of bugs and fresh grasses on which to graze. This regular rotation to new pasture keeps our birds both healthy and happy by giving them fresh, clean pasture to enjoy and a large selection of bugs and worms to eat. The end result of this process is superior meat, both in taste and nutrition.

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