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About Our Pigs

Our pasture raised pigs are raised rooting happily within our fir tree forest. Supplementally fed fresh local grain milled on farm. 100% SOY-FREE and GMO-FREE. Hormone and antibiotic-free.

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After their first few months of life inside the protection of our barn, our pigs enjoy a natural lifestyle of fresh air and exercise within the forested environment of our towering fir trees. They spend their days using their powerful snouts to search out their favorite weeds, roots, and grubs. Each week we rotationally graze our pigs to a new paddock of fresh, wooded "pasture", giving them new ground on which to forage. Our pigs love the exercise and entertainment, and the wide variety of natural forage that they ingest also significantly adds to the flavor of their meat.

Our pigs stay happy, healthy, and odor-free as they grub their way through the woods. Their natural, piggy activities rototill the ground and distribute fertilizer throughout the soil, setting the stage for beautiful new grasses to grow and creating an even better environment for them to root through again. When they aren't busy working, they're either eating their natural grain feed, fresh-ground on farm, or lazing under the shade of the trees.