Pasture-raised Lamb is coming!

This December we're excited to offer our pasture-raised lamb by the cut, available for sale online and in our farm store!

When will the lamb be available?
Early December (2022.) Exact date tbd.

How will I know when the lamb is available?
If you're not already, make sure to sign up for our mailing list (below!) as we'll email you a bit before it's available, and right when it is!

Can I buy it by the whole or half? 
Unfortunately we are not offering lamb by the whole or half, but only sold by the individual cut online and in our farm store.

What does their diet consist of? 
Our lambs are born in Feb-March and naturally wean after 2-3 months. From March until around November, all our sheep are rotationally moved onto a new paddock of fresh pasture every 1-2 days. During the winter months they are supplemented with orchard hay and a little alfalfa. If we need to move sheep long distances, we give them a small amount of homemade "grain" which is a blend of wheat and cracked corn mixed with a little organic molasses. (Fed in very small quantities (a few tablespoons/sheep.) The sheep grain is soy-free and GMO-free.

Will they be GMO-free and soy-free? 
Yes, our lamb will be GMO-free, soy-free, and antibiotic-free.

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