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Pork Cut & Cure Packages

Choose from our Standard or Custom for your whole or half pig!

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Our convenient Standard Cut & Cure Package includes the following:

CutsPork Chops, Steaks, Roasts, Spareribs

CuredHam, Bacon, Ham Hocks

SpecialBreakfast Sausage, Ground Pork, Lard, Soup Bones

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Choose your own options for the Custom Cut & Cure Package (we will get in touch with you about these details if you choose this option!)

LOINS: Chops OR Roasts

THICKNESS OF CHOPS: 1/2", 3/4", OR 1"

SHOULDER BUTT: Steaks, Roasts OR Country Style Ribs

PICNIC: Smoked (cured) Roasts, Fresh (uncured) Roasts, OR Made into sausage.

SPARERIBS: Yes OR Made into sausage

SIRLOIN: Roasts OR Made into sausage

HIND LEG (HAM): Smoked Ham OR Fresh (uncured) Ham

HAM SIZE: Whole Ham (15-20lbs), Cut in Halves (8-10lbs), OR Cut in thirds (5-6lbs)

HOCKS: Smoked, Fresh OR Made into sausage

BELLY (BACON): Fresh (uncured), Regular, OR Peppered Bacon

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE YOUR GROUND PORK? Breakfast sausage, Ground Pork, OR Half Breakfast & Half Ground.

Wrapping Instructions:

STEAKS PER PACKAGE (If applicable):

CHOPS PER PACKAGE (If applicable):


The pork is delicious. I have never had bacon like that before. Thank you Botany Bay Farm.
We tried the bacon this morning. Oh my! That is hands down the best pork I've ever tasted. We've been missing out all these years! The fat melts in your mouth and it's like bacon candy, so flavorful!
We LOVE your pastured pork! Can't wait to fry up some delicious bacon.